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Personal protective gear and use of guards and other apparatus can minimize eye injuries. There are several ways to protect your eyes amid various environments. You must educate yourself as to the different ways to protect your eyes from injuries. From baseball caps to professional goggles and understanding your environment, much can be done to protect yourself.

For any kind of eye protection, you have to take into account the prevailing environment that might be responsible for such mishaps and look for ways to prevent them. Danger to the eyes can come in any form; from anywhere. This means that you should be suitably armed to handle the many types of threats that can endanger you, minimizing the chances of hurting your eyes. Here are ten facts that you should know regarding eye protection to prevent injury.

  1. 1 While playing any sport that involves a ball or other object that could strike your eye, make sure that you are wearing protective gear like a helmet or glasses. If you wear vision glasses, then you can protect your glasses or contact lenses with safety goggles. Be sure to update your prescription annually and replace your lenses on the schedule recommended by your optometrist. If you’re concerned about cost, you can get cheap contact lenses at a number of other online retailers.
  2. Harsh light should be avoided. You must wear sunglasses when you’re out in the sun, especially in blinding snow reflections or the blazing summer sun. Proper glasses will keep your eyes well-protected from intense light.
  3. Goggles also protect your eyes from dust, snow and other elements that might get into eyes and cause irritation. Wearing protective eyewear can also help prevent particulate and infectious fluids from striking the eyes.
  4. Safety glasses are an easy way to safeguard eyes from floating or flying debris. This is all the more essential if you happen to be working in an environment that is full of flying particulates.
  5. It is essential wear proper sunglasses to safeguard your eyes from high levels of visible and ultraviolet light emanating from the sun.
  6. If you happen to have an occupation that requires you to undertake the welding of glass or other material, then you need to take great care in protecting your eyes. This is an extreme situation for the eyes and the intense light generated during welding requires you to wear appropriate eyewear. Furthermore, arc welding goggles must be much darker than blowtorch glasses.
  7. You can wear glasses made of grade 14 welding glass that is much stronger than your regular sunglasses. These are so strong that you can actually stare directly at the sun.
  8. You should also consider making use of laser protective gear that prevents damage from visible and invisible wavelengths of laser lights; quite similar to goggles. You also get laser protective lenses that can be incorporated into other pieces of protective eye wear for added convenience.
  9. Visors and helmets with visors are also great for protecting the eyes from high-speed winds and elements that might affect your eyes, especially on high-speed vehicles such as motorcycles or racing cars.
  10. It’s important to be wearing infection-control glasses that help prevent infections caused by eye epidemics like conjunctivitis and other such common eye ailments.

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