5 Ways you can take better care of your eyesight!

Here at ToolFreak, we take the health and wellbeing of your eyes seriously; and we believe you should too! We have compiled all of our top tips for taking good care of your eyesight in this blog post, so please pay attention, take note and implement these measures into your life. 

Your eyesight is precious and we urge you, the public, to do all that you can to protect and prolong the health and wellbeing of your eyes. This list is by no means exhaustive of all you can do; but we do hope this can be extremely useful and informative and could prompt you to consider the health and wellbeing of your eyes more so than ever before.

5 Ways you can take better care of your eyesight!

  • Attend an annual eye exam!

You should attend an appointment with your optician at least once a year! These check ups are crucial as they can detect any issues or illnesses early on! This is of great benefit to you, as a problem that has been flagged up could be treated and perhaps solved sooner. We would highly recommend booking these appointments in advance and setting yourself a reminder so you don’t forget to turn up to this check up. 

  • Give your eyes a break! They deserve a well earned rest! 

Hands up if you spend the majority of your day staring at your phone, then your computer, then your TV! In today’s society it is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid screen time as we rely on technology for so many things. Now, all this time spent staring at bright screens can tire your eyes. So please consider taking some time away from this bright and beaming light and give your eyes the break they well and truly deserve. To put things into perspective, if you were spending a vast amount of your day on your feet, running around, the muscles in your legs would grow tired, right? And you would reward them with rest and recuperation, makes sense right? Well the same logic applies to your eyesight, when they face strain they deserve rest, so please make a conscious effort to give your eyes the relaxation they deserve. We would also highly recommend blinking and soothing your eyes, as straightforward as this piece of advice may be, it really can go a long way. Blinking means moisture, which means healthy and rejuvenated eyes! 

  • Make sure you have a healthy diet and sleeping pattern!

Now, these healthy practices are important, not just for your eyesight, but also for your health and wellbeing in general. Studies suggest that you should aim to gain around 7-8 hours of sleep per night; and you should of course have a healthy, nutritious and well balanced diet. These factors can also help the health of your eyes! If you are feeling fatigued, chances are you’re not going to be very alert or aware of any potential hazards around you, which could then lead to accidents and incidents resulting in eye injuries. So please do try your best to implement a good and regular sleeping pattern as well as a healthy diet!

  • Shade your eyes in bright conditions! 

If the sun is out, your polarized sunglasses should be too! If your eyes are constantly exposed to sunny conditions you are going to create strain and find yourself squinting in order to see. Save yourself from tired eyes and invest in a pair of Polarized Safety Glasses! These can shade your eyes, protect them from harmful UV rays and combat the intense and increasingly annoying glare of the sun. 

  • Safety first! Don’t forget to wear your Safety Glasses.

Last and most certainly not least, please do not underestimate the power of Safety Glasses! Protective eyewear can help you in a number of different situations and scenarios. Safety Glasses are often used to protect your eyes from hazards such as flying debris, which could inflict great pain and in some cases irreversible effects on your precious eyesight. This form of PPE is often utilised to protect the eyes from: striking and scraping, penetration and chemical burns. We would most certainly recommend looking for a pair of wraparound Safety Glasses, that offer peripheral coverage, as well as protection against impact and UV. Purchasing a pair of high quality Safety Glasses is an inexpensive way to protect your eyesight!

 We here at ToolFreak believe it is increasingly important to invest in a pair of Safety Glasses as this Protective Eyewear can be worn in a number of different environments in both work and sport. Whether you’re a Woodworker, an Architect, a Medical Professional, a Construction worker, or anyone who finds themselves in a situation where their eyes could be at risk of injury, you should certainly have a pair of Safety Glasses with you at all times. Safety Eyewear is also extremely beneficial to those who play sports, such as shooting, hunting, lacrosse, military/tactical, archery; as well as many more sporting activities. 

When shopping for Safety Eyewear, we would highly recommend looking for the features detailed below:

  • Make sure they meet EN166F standards.
  • Ensure that they offer impact and UV protection.
  • Look for wraparound Safety Glasses that offer peripheral coverage.
  • Look for well-fitted ones that will offer both protection and comfort at the same time.
  • Shop for style. You can protect your eyes and look like a badass at the same time!

Check out our range of Safety Glasses below!

5 Ways you can take better care of your eyesight! ToolFreak Safety Glasses

5 Ways you can take better care of your eyesight! ToolFreak Blog Post!

5 Ways you can take better care of your eyesight! ToolFreak Blog Post!

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We hope you have enjoyed reading this post and found it extremely interesting and insightful, let us know what you think in the comment section below, we would love to hear your feedback! If you have any questions or require any assistance in picking the perfect pair of Safety Glasses please contact us today, simply head over to our ‘Contact us’ section and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Have a good one!

The ToolFreak Team!

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