Can I stay safe and stylish simultaneously? Yes you can with ToolFreak's Reevo Red Mirror Lens Safety Glasses!

Safety is of course the paramount priority when it comes to creating high-quality, impact rated, Protective Eyewear! However, many people assume that this durable accessory; can not be fashionable! Well, we are here to change your mind and show you that you do not have to sacrifice cool for comfort, you really can enjoy both at great ease. 

Here at ToolFreak we work diligently to ensure that all of our Safety Glasses are rated to EN166F standards; and we take great pride in providing the public with strong, sturdy and secure Safety Eyewear. Now, we don’t stop there, we ensure that fashion remains at the forefront of our minds when it comes to producing our modern and multipurpose Safety Eyewear.

Today, we are going to delve into great detail and place the focus on our Reevo red Mirror Safety Glasses; a range that simply screams style… So, if you are currently looking to spice up your safety workwear, you should most certainly purchase a pair of our fiery Reevo red mirror Safety Glasses!

How can Safety Glasses be stylish? Aren’t they all just big, bulky and unflattering? 

Many assume that Safety Glasses are simply a boring and bland accessory that adds 0 value to your style and sophistication… However, we are here to eradicate that very misconception! We want to show and tell you that Safety Glasses can actually be slick, sick, smart, secure, sturdy and stylish (the list goes on…).

In response to the question above, varying elements of Safety Eyewear, such as, the shape, size, design and colour; can have a great influence on their ability to boast style. Our Reevo Red Mirror range utilises a futuristic red toned lens with a mirrored effect, which looks insanely cool and modern! Paired with the slim yet sturdy legs that are coated in our brilliantly bold orange and black branding, you can seriously forget about yawn-worthy mundane accessories when you welcome these Safety Glasses into your life. In addition, these specific Safety Glasses are extremely light in comparison to large goggles, so you can be your most active self and wear them for long periods of time. 

Ok, Reevo Red Mirror Safety Glasses look extremely cool, but do they offer high quality protection? 

In short, YES! We have dedicated many years to producing our reputable range of Safety Glasses; and our Reevo Red Mirror Safety Glasses are no different to any others within our Protective Eyewear portfolio. 

One particular and popular benefit of this range is their ability to shade you from the bright and often overwhelming sunlight! Now, if you work outdoors we are certain you will be able to relate to this real-life problem… As great as working outdoors can be, it certainly has its trials and tribulations! When you’re working away, the last thing you want to be confronted with is distraction and distortion from the bright and beaming sun, right? Well, our red mirror lenses operate in a similar way to our smoke tinted lenses, so they can dim the brightness of your surroundings, allowing you to focus on the task in hand. 

What else can I expect from ToolFreak’s Reevo Red Mirror Safety Glasses?

  • High standards of UV protection.
  • CE rated EN166FT impact protection.
  • Side ventilation to create better airflow.
  • Wraparound lenses for better protection and panoramic frameless views.
  • Padded brow cushions from impact and recoil.
  • Distortion free clarity.

What do Reevo Red Mirror Safety Glasses look like?

Below, we have included a selection of photos showcasing our fiery range of Reevo Safety Glasses!

Can I stay safe and stylish simultaneously? Join us, ToolFreak, as we talk all about our insanely cool Reevo Red Mirror Safety Glasses!

Can I stay safe and stylish simultaneously? Join us, ToolFreak, as we talk all about our insanely cool Reevo Red Mirror Safety Glasses!

Where can I buy a pair of ToolFreak Reevo Red Mirror Safety Glasses?

Look no further, simply click here to shop this safe yet stylish range today! You can also take a look at all of our Safety Glasses; as we believe they’re all fresh and fashionable!

We hope you have enjoyed reading this post and you feel fuelled with red mirror lens knowledge! If you have any questions or require any further information, please click here! We will be more than happy to help you!

Have a great day!

The ToolFreak Team!

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