EN166 Explained- What does it mean and why is it important- ToolFreak Talk Safety Eyewear requirements!

EN166 explained! What does it mean and why do my Safety Glasses need this rating?

So, your manager has informed you that you need to buy a pair of Safety Glasses that are EN166 rated; and the first thing you do is jump online and surf the internet to find the perfect pair of Safety Glasses that comply with this rating, right?

But, like many others, throughout the UK, you are slightly puzzled as to what this rating actually means; and why it is important… If this thought has crossed your mind, then keep on reading this blog post, as we explain in great detail what this rating really means and why it is a vital feature to scout for when shopping for Safety Glasses!

What is EN166?

En166 is an abbreviation for: EN166 Personal Eye Protection European Standard, a standard which provides manufacturers with an absolute minimum standard to follow and adhere to while producing all personal protective equipment throughout Europe. This rating protects and provides customers with a guarantee that the protective products they are buying provide them with relevant and adequate safety measures while in use. 

If a pair of Safety Glasses are marked as EN166 certified, they are therefore eligible and able to protect your eyes from a number of hazards, such as impact! This standard does not cover X rays, Nuclear Radiation or  infrared light. 

On the other hand, this standard does ensure protection against a number of potential hazards. This is because Safety Glasses with this essential rating endure a number of rigorous and robust tests to ensure paramount durability and safety!  Among the tests, this protective eyewear is challenged against its resistance and handling against UV, impact, aging, optical transmission and diffusion. 

All of this testing is of course extremely beneficial, as it means that those wearing them can place their trust in knowing that this eyewear can provide them with impeccable protection against a vast range of hazards, in a number of different situations and scenarios. Safety Glasses marked with this specific rating are durable and can stand the test of time, which is of great importance. 

What protection can I expect from EN166 rated Safety Eyewear?

As mentioned above, for Safety Eyewear to be compliant with this rating they must have the power and capability to protect your eyes from a number of different potential hazards, below we have detailed further compliances that manufacturers must follow in order to produce high quality eyewear that adheres to this important safety rating:

  • Safety Glasses should be free from sharp edges or any other defects which could cause discomfort or even injury to those wearing them.
  • Headbands must be 10mm wide over any portion which could come into contact with the person’s head, they should also be adjustable to those wearing them. 
  • The eye protection should not be made of any materials that are known to cause any skin irritation.
  • Eyewear that is EN166 rated must be tested and pass appropriate standards. Processes are detailed by the specifications of EN167 and EN168.

Why is it important for you to make sure that your Safety Eyewear is EN166 certified?

Eye incidents are unwanted and often painful injuries that can in fact have dangerous, detrimental and irreversible repercussions, such as the loss of your eyesight. Studies have shown that by simply wearing Safety Glasses, eye injuries could be prevented by up to 90%. 

Wearing Safety Eyewear can minimise the chance of injury and maximise your level of protection. We here at ToolFreak would highly recommend that you take the health and wellbeing of your eyes seriously; and therefore take the time out to secure a pair of high quality Safety Glasses that meet all of the requirements and ensure paramount protection.

Buying Safety Glasses with this rating could also benefit you in a number of ways in regards to ease, comfort and convenience. When you buy a pair of high quality Safety Glasses, you can count on them to provide great comfort throughout the day so you can focus on the task in hand and be your most productive and efficient self. 

How do I know I am buying a pair of Safety Glasses that are EN166 rated?

The Safety Glasses will have the EN166 rating stamped on them, this is the easiest way to see if they are EN166 rated, this rating is usually stamped within the inside leg of the eyewear. You can also enquire with the specific brand you are purchasing the glasses from and find out whether they meet this requirement. More often than not it will be in the product description and specification, so you can easily identify that you are buying rated Safety Eyewear. 

Below, we have inserted a selection of ToolFreak’s very own EN166 rated Safety Eyewear for you to take a look at!

EN166 Explained- What does it mean and why is it important- ToolFreak Talk Safety Eyewear requirements!

EN166 Explained- What does it mean and why is it important- ToolFreak Talk Safety Eyewear requirements!

EN166 Explained- What does it mean and why is it important- ToolFreak Talk Safety Eyewear requirements!

Shop ToolFreak today!

We would most certainly suggest that you look out for a number of different, beneficial features while selecting your perfect pair of Safety Glasses. We would recommend that they:

  • Are EN166 Certified.
  • Offer impact & UV protection.
  • Are comfortable, especially for long periods of time.
  • Utilise wraparound features to ensure peripheral coverage.
  • Are the correct lens colour for you, your work & your lifestyle.
  • Do not sacrifice cool for comfort, you really can enjoy both. Look for fashionable Safety Glasses that boast insanely cool features. You can stay safe and look like a badass in the process.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this blog post; and feel as though you are now in the position to buy a pair of EN166 rated Safety Glasses. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the ToolFreak Team, we would love to hear from you and help! Simply leave a comment below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you would like to take a further look at our very own ToolFreak Safety Glasses, please head over to our website today, we have a wide range of slick, smart and secure safety glasses that you will LOVE!

Keep your eyes peeled for new content coming to our website VERY soon!

Until next time,

The ToolFreak Team! 

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