How can I benefit from wearing Safety Glasses in the winter?

Join us, ToolFreak, as we explain the benefits of wearing Safety Glasses throughout the wintertime!

Safety Glasses are a staple piece of safety equipment, whatever the weather! Seriously, it doesn’t matter if you’re basking in the summertime rays or feeling the cold and crisp brace of the winter snowfall, Safety Eyewear will always be of great benefit to you! In this particular blog post we focus on the benefits of wearing Safety Glasses in the often dark, dull and overcast winter months!

Why is Safety Eyewear important in general, regardless of the season?

Safety Glasses are a cost effective piece of Safety Equipment that can protect your eyes from a number of different hazards. Protective Eyewear is comfortable and convenient and has the capability to prevent unwanted incidents and eye injuries arising in both work and sport!

It is essential that your Safety Glasses meet EN166 standards, as this means that they will protect your eyes against impact and UV so you can trust that this specific equipment offers paramount protection so you can focus on the task in hand.

Safety Eyewear is often utilised to protect the eyes from flying debris and other hazardous and pain inflicting particles. Popular eye injuries include the striking of scraping of the eye and the penetration from sharp objects. In some cases, chemical burns are the culprit of extremely painful eye injuries. 

Indeed eye injuries are accidental and unpredictable, but we here at ToolFreak are advocates for installing safe practice and precautionary measures to minimise the likelihood of incidents arising. Safety Glasses are an extremely powerful tool that can prevent unwanted and often detrimental injuries.

Below we have outlined how Safety Glasses can help you throughout the winter months! 

How Can Protective Eyewear help you throughout the wintertime? 

  • Safety Glasses offer UV Protection! Although wearing Sunglasses/Safety Glasses in the winter may seem like a crazy idea, it could actually deem extremely useful! We often assume that the winter provides dark and dull forecasts as opposed to sunny spells, right? Which in some countries and cases you may be absolutely correct, but this is not always the case. The bright and beaming sun can still shine down and impact your field of vision AND even on the dullest of days you still need to protect your eyes from the ever present UV rays. The low sun and the reflection directing off the snow can often cause intense glare, which can distract and distort your vision and welcome unwanted rays into your eyes. Following on, it is vital that you wear Safety Glasses/ Polarized Sunglasses through these chilly months! Not only will they provide a helping hand for the present but they will also help the wellbeing of your future eyesight. So please, we urge you to invest in a pair of high quality Safety Glasses today!
  • Safety Glasses with smoke tinted lenses can combat the bright and often overpowering sunlight. In these particular conditions the bright glare can actually impact your vision and therefore ability to focus on what it is you’re doing. Investing in a pair of Polarized Safety Glasses/ Smoke tinted Safety Glasses would be an extremely bright idea as they are carefully designed, using the latest optical technology to combat these annoying and in some cases dangerous conditions. This is because they can dim the brightness and allow you to focus on the task in hand. 
  • Safety Glasses with yellow lenses can offer a helping hand on bleak days that offer little to no sunlight! Yellow Lens Safety Glasses can be extremely useful in these working conditions, especially throughout the winter when days are shorter and the weather can be dull! When you pop a pair of these specific Safety Glasses on your vision can be enhanced with this luminous and extremely helpful lens colour. When you have a greater view and enhanced awareness of all that is going on around you, you can be alert and aware of any dangerous hazards around you!
  • Safety Glasses can protect your eyes from debris and other harmful particles; which in the winter time could actually be sharp pieces of ice or snow, which could cause great harm! Whether you’re working in the snowy conditions or partaking in a sport where ice is present, be sure to have a pair of Safety Glasses with you at all times! It is also important to consider the impact snowfall can have on your ability to see; as our vision can be overwhelmed when there is consistent snowfall, so you may not be able to see any hazardous materials in your presence, which could inflict great and unwanted pain. 

ToolFreak’s advice for buying Safety Eyewear!

We here at ToolFreak take great pride in being Safety Eyewear experts, we have dedicated our time to researching and creating high quality Safety Eyewear that promotes comfort and durability. We would highly recommend purchasing a pair of Safety Glasses that offer protection against impact and UV and meet EN166 standards. We would also suggest looking for a pair that are both fashionable and comfortable so you can wear them for long periods of time and focus on the task ahead. We would also advise looking for Safety Glasses that are created with Wraparound features, this way you can feel secure in knowing that your eyes are protected from all angles.

Below, we have uploaded a variety of photos showcasing ToolFreak Safety Glasses in the crisp and cold winter months. If you would like to buy a pair of our Safety Glasses, simply click the link detailed below, we offer a range of Safety Glasses; so there really is something for everyone. 

Why should I wear Safety Glasses in the winter? ToolFreak Blog Post

Why should I wear Safety Glasses in the winter? ToolFreak Blog Post

Why should I wear Safety Glasses in the winter? ToolFreak Blog Post

If you would like to buy a pair of ToolFreak Safety glasses click here! 

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