How to pick the perfect lens colour for you and your lifestyle!

Picking the perfect lens colour and selecting suitable safety glasses for you and your lifestyle…Check out this blog post to find out ToolFreak's Top Tips!

Shopping can often be a stressful task, right? Although having a vast range of products available to you can be extremely useful and exciting, it can however make shopping a difficult and time-consuming task, especially for those who are already indecisive! With all of you who too just can't quite decide what they want, we have created this buying-guide blog post, to hopefully ease the process of purchasing high-quality safety glasses! 

When it comes to buying Safety Glasses, you really are spoilt for choice, as there are many different designs, shapes; and colours available! This can be both great and overwhelming at the same time; as it can be puzzling really, thinking about which pair would suit you and the lifestyle you lead the most! 

This blog post will showcase and detail a number of different Safety Glasses Lens colours and describe their unique benefits! We hope that this will steer you in the right direction of picking the perfect lens colour! From Yellow, to clear, to smoke-tinted, to an array of different colours on the spectrum, there really is an ever growing list of lens colours to choose from! This list does not express and describe all of the lens colours available, it does however delve into a select few lens colours, that we believe are extremely popular amidst an array of people in a number of different environments and industries. 

Check out the descriptions and images below to find out more about each specific lens colour! 

Clear Lens Safety Glasses:

Clear Lens Safety Glasses are really popular Safety Glasses that are worn in both indoor and outdoor environments. People often use clear lenses to protect them against impact; as well as debris and other particles while on the job! At ToolFreak we have a vast range of clear lens safety Glasses! We have ToolFreak Agents, Rip-Outs, Spoggles, Bifocals, Reevos AND Finishers, (wow, we really do offer a handful of cool and courageous-looking safety glasses)!

If you are looking for Safety Glasses that protect your eyes and enhance your vision, then Clear Lens Bifocal Safety Glasses could be your match! They have magnifiers moulded directly into them, which can be beneficial to those who require safety glasses as well as reading glasses! When you wear Bifocal Safety Glasses you can enjoy vision as well as comfort and forget about bulky over goggles that do nothing for your image!

Check out our Clear Lens Safety Glasses:

How to pick the perfect lens colour for you and your lifestyle! Safety Glasses ToolFreak Blog post

How to pick the perfect lens colour for you and your lifestyle! ToolFreak Safety Glasses blog post

Safety Glasses with Smoke-Tinted Lenses:

Smoke Tinted lenses are ideal for those who work outdoors! If you work outside and you find that the sheer brightness of the sun makes your job more taxing than it needs to be, you could benefit from the use of dark/smoke-tinted glasses! This is because they dim the brightness without distorting your clarity! When you wear smoke tinted safety glasses you can forget about the bright sunlight impacting your vision and ability to work and enjoy the shaded views and impeccable clarity! Here at ToolFreak we offer a number of different safety glasses with some-tinted lenses! Check out the photos below!

How to pick the perfect lens colour for you and your lifestyle! ToolFreak Safety Glasses blog post

Yellow Lens Safety Glasses:

If you are looking for Safety Glasses that will provide a helping hand in dull, lowlight and hazy conditions, you should most certainly consider investing in a pair of Yellow Lens Safety Glasses! These Insane glasses utilise the latest lens technology and filter out blue light from your field of vision! This means that you can sharpen your vision and combat dull and unwanted forecasts! Whether you work outdoors and you face grey and overcast days, or you work indoors, in a dark and shaded environment, you could really benefit from the use of yellow lens safety Glasses! Take a look at our range below!

How to pick the perfect lens colour for you and your lifestyle! ToolFreak Safety Glasses Blog Post


Safety Glasses with Polarized Lenses: 

These safety glasses are extremely useful when it comes to combating the intense glare of the sun, which can be a horrid and unwanted hindrance! Especially when driving! Polarized Safety Glasses are created by a chemical coating being applied to the lenses and the molecules within this coating form a barrier pattern which then filters out horizontal light! They only allow vertical light to enter your field of vision! 

An example of these in use would be when you’re driving on a sunny day and perhaps it has been raining prior to the sun showing its face, a puddle on the road could provide a perfect opportunity for glare to enter your eyesight! This is because the light can bounce and reflect off the puddle and go directly into your eyesight. When you pop a pair of Polarized Safety Glasses on you can forget about this horrible situation arising and enjoy fantastic vision and comfort!

Check out our Polarized Safety Glasses below:

How to pick the perfect lens colour for you and your lifestyle! ToolFreak Safety Glasses Blog Post

 If any of the Safety Glasses mentioned look like something you would like, check out our range of Safety Glasses today! You won't be disappointed! 

We hope that you have found this an interesting read and feel well informed and know exactly what you wish to buy! If not, why not get in touch with the ToolFreak team, we would love to help you! 

Here at ToolFreak, we are quite simply obsessed with Safety Glasses, we have dedicated our lives to creating high quality safety eyewear that is fashionable AND durable, so we believe that we can provide you with useful information! If you have any questions, queries or feedback please do leave a comment below and we will get back to you shortly

If you want to check out more posts like this then please do head over to our blog, where you will be able to find a handful of interesting and in-depth blog posts! We love composing pieces all about Safety Eyewear, as well as a range of different topics, from driving, to trucking, to working outdoors, to everything in-between!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more exciting and engaging content coming soon!

The ToolFreak Team!

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