How to prevent eye injuries in the workplace- ToolFreak’s Top Tips!

In this blog post, we discuss the importance of taking great care of your eyesight while at work and highlight key techniques and methods to minimise incidents and maximise safe practice. We will of course be placing the spotlight on one very obvious prevention technique; and that is the use of high quality Safety Glasses! 

Accidents do happen and as unpredictable as they may be, they can most certainly be prevented or at least minimized with thoughtful preparation, patience and safe practice. In most cases, eye injuries arise as a result of small particles, such as debris, woodchips, and sharp metal pieces striking or scraping the eyes. This can cause great harm and inflict significant pain and can in turn have serious consequences, such as loss of eyesight.

Penetration of the eyes, from objects such as nails or other metal pieces for example can also inflict severe pain and damage to the eyes. A number of eye injuries in the workplace are also a result of chemical burns; again, another painful and unwanted infliction on this valued sense.  

What does preparation and safe practice really mean when it comes to protecting your eyes and preventing eye-related injuries in the workplace?

Below, we have created a list detailing multiple ways you can protect your eyes while at work. You will be able to identify what we actually mean when we suggest good preparation and safe practice; as we inform and advise good practice methods and products to optimise safety! 

  • First and foremost, we would highly recommend investing in a pair of high quality Safety Glasses that offer insane protection, clarity and comfort! Buying Protective Eyewear is a smart and inexpensive method which is utilised among a number of workers in varying sectors. Whether you’re a Carpenter, a Plumber, a Fabricator, or a Medical Professional (just to name a few), we would most certainly suggest wearing Proper Protective Eyewear, as you could be at risk of hazardous materials entering your eyesight. Safety Glasses should be impact and UV rated to EN166 standards; and they should also be snug-fitting to your face with strong and secure wraparound features, allowing for peripheral coverage. We believe that it is extremely important for you to wear your Safety Glasses for long periods of time throughout the working day; as you can't always account for the actions of others or the presence of hazardous materials in the atmosphere. Following on from this, it is worthwhile scouting for a pair of Safety Glasses that offer great comfort, padding and ventilation, so you can be your most productive, efficient and hard working self with 0 worries of your eyes being at risk. 
  • Following on from the above point, please take great care of your Safety Eyewear so you have crisp and clear vision at all times, with no distractions or distortions in your way! Make sure that you brush the debris off your Safety Glasses, clean them properly and regularly and always store them in a safe and secure place so they do not get damaged. It is also important to inspect and dispose of any damaged and inefficient Safety Gear. This is because they are probably doing more harm than good, an example of which would be a pair of basic Safety Glasses given to you from your work/organization a long time ago, which have become scratched and blurred over time, these will serve no purpose to you and will impact the clarity and quality of your vision. Be sure to check on your equipment and invest in a pair of insane Safety Glasses that will offer paramount protection. 
  • Be sure to schedule annual eye check ups with your optician! It is extremely worthwhile taking the time to check up on your eyesight as these regular appointments can identify any issues early on which can lead to the protection of your future vision! 
  • Stay alert! You need to have good focus, attention and awareness of your surroundings. If you are tired or distracted you are vulnerable to accidents and incidents. We would suggest assessing the working environment you are in regularly, so you have a great understanding of all the machines, equipment; as well as other's actions. This way you can stay alert and understand and avoid any problematic issues prior to them taking place. Although it may sound obvious, it is also important to acknowledge how tired you are, if you feel as though you lack energy and therefore focus and concentration you could be placing not just yourself but others around you at risk. So please, we urge you, to stay alert and stay aware. 
  • It is also worthwhile to acknowledge any hazards prior to entering the workplace. Ask yourself, will there be heavy machinery? Will there be chemical exposure? Will I come into contact with hazardous particles in the atmosphere? By asking yourself these questions beforehand you could combat any future issues or injuries. 
  • Make sure you have completed and passed all of the relevant training in your workplace, whether this be health and safety regulations tests, or tests on heavy machinery, it is essential that you are confident within your workplace.
  • Check for signage in the workplace. There should be display signs, clearly stating what is around you and what potential hazards are present. Be sure to read these carefully and adhere to the instructions advised. 

If you would like to take the first step towards taking great care of your eyesight, check out our very own range of ToolFreak Safety Glasses. We take great pride in offering high quality Safety Eyewear, that is impact and UV rated to EN166 standard. Our Safety Glasses do not sacrifice cool for comfort so rest assured, you will be the ultimate trendsetter when you wear ToolFreak Safety Glasses in the workplace. 

Below we have inserted a selection of photos showcasing a few of our insanely cool Safety Glasses in the work place, check them out and let us know what you think in the comment section below! If you have any questions or require any further information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the ToolFreak Team! We would love to hear from you!

How to prevent eye injuries in the workplace- ToolFreak’s Top Tips!

How to prevent eye injuries in the workplace- ToolFreak’s Top Tips!

How to prevent eye injuries in the workplace- ToolFreak’s Top Tips!

How to prevent eye injuries in the workplace- ToolFreak’s Top Tips!

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Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more interesting and informative blog posts coming to our site VERY SOON!

Have a good one!

The ToolFreak Team! 

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