Importance of Eye Protection

Do you know the importance of eye protection and using safety glasses

Working in Construction can be one of the most dangerous places to be with many hazards and potential accidents that could occur.

Eye protection can be one of the most important pieces of PPE.

Some people do not like to wear safety glasses as they can be clunky, ugly and uncomfortable. But ToolFreak are changing the trend. There eye protection is designed  for comfort , better vision , to keep your eyes safe and look great, making you want to wear them !! . The lenses and frame made from a unique polycarbonate material that is hard to break and impact resistant to meet en166 requirements

Features of eye protection

ToolFreak safety glasses can be used for many different tasks , as each is made and designed differently. Like when working at height head straps can be used to make them a more secure fit . The foam paddings can increase comfort and better protect from dust , debris and wind . Here are some general features of eye protection that you must know

1- made from highly durable polycarbonate material

2- special design to secure your eyes from all sides and provide a better fit to face

3- different accessory options

4- improved quality to save your eyes

5- distortion free to aid crystal clear vision

6- meet required regulations (EN166F)

It is so important to use eye protection while you are working ,playing sports or participating in outdoor activity ,eye injury can be all to common these days in tasks when eye protection hasn’t been used .If you neglect the safety measures, you will be exposing yourself to high danger. There is potential to damage your eyes for life

Always follow the safety rules, they are there for your safety . Your eyes are precious, keep them safe; always use eye protection and wear safety glasses. Another important thing to consider is that you must make sure the fit correctly and kept in great condition that's why ToolFreak products have been equipped with different accessories to make a more secure fit and protect them when they are not being worn

The hse is becoming very strict for the safety of work personnel and make regular site and workplace inspections . There can now be on the spot fines for ignoring rules put in place . We would recommend you start thinking about looking after your eyesight today , and avoid potential accident. Some people have already paid the penalty for this

ToolFreak Eye protection isn’t clunky ugly and uncomfortable and this has been found to encourage people to wear it more . In fact the ToolFreak range is becoming an icon of eye protection for professional industry , sport and outdoor activity due to its adaptable range, great look; and better protection!

Shop ToolFreak today! 

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