Introducing the ToolFreak Agent | ToolFreak

Introducing the ToolFreak Agent | ToolFreak

ToolFreak-Agent Safety UV Protection Glasses For Men & Women | Anti-Fog and Anti Scratch Resistance Coating | Lenses With
Curved Frame For Snug Fit , Maximising Eye Protection | Improve Vision, Clarity & Protect Your Eyes with the Choice of Clear Lens or Tinted Smoke Lens | Stylish Eyewear
For Professional Industry , Sports & Outdoor Activites | Supplied with Microfibre Storage Pouch and Adjustable Neck Cord / Lanyard


SHIELD YOUR EYES: Forget about tired red eyes, tiny particles harming your eyesight
and dust getting in the way. We’ve got you covered. With these protective glasses, you can
now cover your eyes and create a fashionable shield against dust, debris or even work
related hazards! Protecting your eyes whilst looking sharp has never been that easy before!

PROMOTE BETTER VISIBILITY: Do not compromise with anything else other than distortion free
when it comes to your sports style safety glasses. These glasses come with 2 different
lenses. The crystal clear and the tinted smoke. Choose the one you like the most or just get
them both.

IMPROVE YOUR LOOKS: Fed up with all those same old safety glasses and look for a
modern pair? If so, then you should keep on reading. With our agent sport style glasses, not only
will you protect your precious eyes, but you will also look cooler than ever. The unisex
black and orange curved frame will compliment any outfit you are wearing.

ADJUST THEM TO YOUR NEEDS: Designed to ensure premium UV protection and
unparalleled comfort, these eyeglasses follow the shape of your face! The anti-slip rest
ears secure them in place while you are working, walking or even running. They have
a scratch resistance coating and impact resistant frame to withstand even the roughest use!

DISCOVER THEIR MANY USES: Put these safety glasses on and enjoy any activity that
comes to mind. From working, jogging, cycling, road tripping or traveling , to
construction and Industrial Craft and More. They come in a storage pouch for hassle
free carrying. Along with Adjustabel Woven Lanyard.

Product Description

Do you have a physical job where you rely on your eyes to do the task? If so, then this pair of
safety glasses is a must have.

Worrying about flying particles, dust and debris ?

Then these sports style safety glasses are the way to go.

Tired of squinting your eyes every time you go out on a sunny day? Nodding, right?
Well, prepare yourself because you are about to forget about the eyesight injury nightmare once
and for all.

With a 99.9% UV protection, who wouldn’t want these eyeglasses?

Protect Your Eyes, Improve Your Performances & Regain Lost Confidence With ToolFreak
Safety Eyeglasses!

Feeling fancy today? Then why not go for the ToolFreak Agent when picking your safety and sports

Some might say that our eyes are like windows to wellness. So, keeping them protected and safe
should be our number one priority every time we leave the house.

Invest in this fashionable pair and say no to eye injuries at work, home or during sports!

Perfect for vast array in Professional Industry , Sports and Outdoor Activities

With a stylish design, anti-fog resistance coating and impact resistant frame and lenses, these glasses contour on your
face, providing maximum style and protection.

They come with a ToolFreak adjustable woven neckcord, a microfiber storage and cleaning pouch

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