Polarized Safety Glasses- What are they? How do they work? And why do I need them?

If you spend a great deal of time outdoors or on the road, we’re certain you will understand just how frustrating the intense glare of the sun can be! The bright and beaming glare of the sun can distract and distort your vision and in turn cause great danger! Whether you’re on the job or the road, your need for complete focus is paramount and even a second of distraction can have a detrimental impact. 

We here at ToolFreak believe that Polarized Safety Glasses can offer a vast amount of benefits to those working in the environments mentioned above. Join us as we discuss the brilliant benefits of Polarized Safety Glasses. Polarized Safety Glasses don’t just look insanely cool, they offer protection against impact and the intense glare of the sun. Overcoming glare can often be a taxing task; but these smart-looking Safety Glassesreally do offer a helping hand so you can be efficient and focus on the task in hand!

So, how do Polarized Safety Glasses work?

A chemical coating is carefully applied to the lenses of these particular Safety Glasses, the molecules within this coating then form a barrier pattern! These particles filter out horizontal light, an example of which would be light bouncing off a puddle and into someone's eyes. Now, it is important to understand how this works in terms of light and the difference between Vertical and Horizontal waves of light and how they impact you. The difference between the two can be easily explained in terms of waves. If sunlight hits a surface that is non-reflective, it will diffuse into vertical light, with waves of low intensity. On the other hand; rays that hit a reflective surface will maintain high intensity and travel as horizontal waves of light.

Now, Polarized Safety Glasses only allow vertical light to pass through them, which means that the intense glare is eliminated; as the horizontal light is reflected away. Although initially this may seem slightly confusing, simply put, these insanely cool and useful Safety Glasses will disallow glare into your eyesight, so you can say so long to distortion and distraction and hello to both clarity AND comfort!

The photo below clearly showcases how Polarized Safety Glasses work, check it out!

Polarized Safety Glasses- What are they? How do they work? And why do I need them? ToolFreak Blog post

As displayed in the photo above, when glare is eliminated, clarity enhances, even on the brightest of days! 

What are the benefits of wearing Polarized Safety Glasses? 

The main benefit of Polarized Safety Glasses is the fact that they have the ability to combat the intense glare of the sun; which is helpful in a handful of situations and working environments. 

Below, we have detailed a variety of different situations, where the use of Safety Glasses would be beneficial! 

The intense glare of the sun can most certainly impact your ability to drive safely! If your job role requires you to drive regularly, we are sure you will be able to understand just how annoying and quite frankly dangerous, the intense glare of the sun can be! If the road surface is wet from a previous downpour; and the bright sun beams down onto the road, you can quite easily face the glare of the sun, which can be extremely uncomfortable. This unwanted glare can distract you and take your focus away, which is not what you want while driving. We would highly suggest wearing a pair of Polarized Safety Glasses to battle this burden; as we believe they could offer a helping hand and reflect and dim down this horrible burden. (We are however not stating that Polarized Safety Glasses will protect you from accidents/ the overall glare).

Another potential industry that could benefit from the use of these cool and courageous-looking Safety Glasses would be: Tree Surgeons and Landscape Gardeners! When you’re on the job, you really do require great concentration; but when the glare of the sun gets in your way; it can often be difficult to focus on what is ahead of you. If you decide to wear a pair of Polarized Safety Glasses, we are certain you will save yourself from distraction and distortion and be your most efficient and productive self! 

Polarized safety Glasses are also extremely popular amidst those who go fishing! If you have been fishing before; we assume you will understand the excitement and anticipation felt when getting a bite, now it is extremely frustrating when this feeling is snatched away from you! This joy can be taken from you when you become distracted! Well, the bright sunlight can often be a factor that distracts many while fishing, so we would highly advise you to pop a pair of Polarized Safety Glasses on to combat this issue and secure your heavy-weight fish (disclaimer: wearing Polarized Safety Glasses will not ensure that catchment of award-winning fish, they will however help your concentration and make you look like an absolute trend-setter in the meantime! 

Those working in the Plant Machinery industry also benefit from the use of Polarized Safety Glasses. Over the years we have noticed numerous people who drive Forklift Machines, Diggers, Bulldozer Drivers and Tarmac Layers often opt for Polarized Safety Glasses. This is because they often confront the glare of the sun while at work, which is not ideal especially when their job requires great focus and concentration and attention to detail, as they are operating extremely large and potentially dangerous machines!

We hope that you have enjoyed reading this post and feel as though you now understand the use of Polarized Safety Glasses! We here at ToolFreak love talking about Safety Glasses; and we enjoy educating the public on Protective Eyewear. If you have found this post insightful, please leave a comment below and let us know, we would love to hear from you! We regularly update this blog site, so please do keep your eyes peeled for new content coming VERY SOON!

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Thanks for reading this post, we look forward to publishing another post in the near future!

The ToolFreak Team!

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