Prepare for the great outdoors and invest in a pair of tinted Safety Glasses today…

Do you spend a great deal of time outdoors? Are you often confronted by the beautiful yet blinding sun? Do you wish to battle this burden? Nodding your head? We have just the solution for you… Tinted Safety Glasses!

If you regularly spend time in the great outdoors, we would highly recommend that you consider buying a pair of tinted Safety Glasses! As joyful as the sun can be, it most certainly has its drawbacks, distraction and distortion, to name a few.

Now, whether you’re surfing or surveying, working or walking, play sport or waiting for fishes to be caught, we urge you to opt for tinted Safety Glasses; as these extremely useful pieces of Safety equipment can provide you with insane benefits that can promote better clarity and therefore enhanced safety!

You can buy tinted Safety Glasses in a rainbow of colours; so you really are not confined to a scarce selection.  Rather the Safety Eyewear market provides yellow lenses, smoke lenses, red mirror lenses (and so forth), so really there is something for everyone and every occasion.

What colours are available, when it comes to selecting a suitable lens colour?

As mentioned above, you can buy Safety Glasses in a variety of different colours. We here at ToolFreak supply Safety Eyewear in an array of colours, from luminous yellow, to crystal clear, to shaded smoke, to roaring red! It’s safe to say we have a vast selection for you to choose from!

In this particular post, we want to focus our attention on tinted Safety Glasses that are perfect for promoting great vision and safety in the great outdoors. With this in mind, we are going to discuss yellow lenses, red mirror lenses, polarized lenses and smoke-tinted lenses, as we are confident that these specific lens colours could deem insanely useful outside.

  • Smoke Tinted lenses:

If you find that the bright and beaming sun often overwhelms your field of vision, then you should have a pair of smoke tinted safety glasses at the ready. These impeccable shades are designed to dim the brightness of your surroundings so you can concentrate and stay focussed. 

  • Red Mirror lenses:

Working in the same way as the smoke tinted lenses, this particularly popping colour can reduce the brightness of the outside work and enhance your focus and therefore productivity. Say so long to distraction and distorted vision and welcome comfort and convenience with these fashionable and fearless Safety Glasses

  • Yellow lenses:

Picture this, it’s dark and dull outside and your work deadline is fast approaching… You can’t focus properly because your vision is impacted by the bleak conditions. Combat these often undesirable conditions and enhance the brightness of your vision with a pair of yellow lens Safety Glasses.

  • Polarized Safety Glasses:

If you’ve ever experienced the intense glare of the sun whilst at work or on the road, we are sure you can relate to the sheer fear that comes with the overwhelming distortion that enters your field of vision. Polarized Safety Glasses are designed with a chemical coating applied to the lenses, so you can protect your eyes from the bright and beaming glare that has the power to take your focus away from you.

What should I consider when deciding what specific lens colour to select?

It can often be a difficult task knowing and understanding what lens colour is right for you, your work and your lifestyle. However, we hope that these suggestions can give you the helping hand you need in order to purchase a pair of protective glasses! 

We would recommend considering where it is you work, what time of day you work and what struggles you encounter whilst completing your daily tasks… The answers to these short and simple questions could steer you in the right direction in gaining a great lens for your time spent in the great outdoors.

If you want to shop ToolFreak today, click here! If you require any assistance with selecting a pair of Safety Glasses, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us! We will be more than happy to help you!

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Have a good one!

The ToolFreak Team!

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