Spoggles are a must have piece of protective equipment- here's why!

Spoggles - What are they and why should I wear them? Join us, ToolFreak, as we discuss the benefits and uses of these cool, convenient and comfortable Safety Spoggles!

Spoggles combine the benefits and uses of both Spectacles and Goggles, hence the unique name ‘Spoggles’! This extremely useful piece of protective equipment promotes comfort, fashion and above all safety, what more could you ask for?

In today’s blog post, we delve into great detail explaining what Spoggles are; while highlighting the benefits they bring to those wearing them!I If you are currently contemplating popping a pair of Spoggles in your online basket, we can assure you that you are making the right decision investing in this innovative eyewear. If you are not 100% convinced just yet, keep on reading this article…

What are Spoggles?

Spoggles combine the brilliant benefits of spectacles with the most favoured features of goggles, hence the cool and quirky term ‘Spoggles’! Before the introduction of Spoggles, people often wore spectacles AND bulky goggles simultaneously… Can you imagine the discomfort?! Well, Spoggles allow you to enjoy the lightweight design of spectacles and the sturdy and secure snug fit of goggles at the same time. 

Ok, I like the sound of these Spoggles, but I am curious, what do they actually look like? 

Now, you’re probably not alone in wondering what Spoggles look like, the name ‘Spoggles’ is still a relatively new term to many, so you may struggle to visualise what they look like. Below we have inserted a selection of photos showcasing our very own range of Spoggles. We are passionate in providing you with fashionable and durable Safety Eyewear, so you can promote safety and trends at the same time. Check out the photos below to find out what Spoggles really do look like (hint: they are outrageously cool and courageous-looking, but hey we may be biased in our thinking)…

Spoggles are a must have piece of protective equipment- here's why!

Spoggles are a must have piece of protective equipment- here's why!

Spoggles are a must have piece of protective equipment- here's why!

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The benefits of wearing Spoggles summed up:

  1. Spoggles are versatile! You can adjust these cool and quirky Safety Spoggles to your very own needs! If you want to move about and be extremely active, we would highly recommend using and benefiting from the head strap option, or if you would like to switch between tasks, you could use the strong legs; and easily use them and remove them with great ease! It completely depends on you and your needs, either way, Spoggles most certainly have your back!
  2. Spoggles are lightweight! You can forget about big, bulky goggles that weigh you down and enjoy this super light Safety Eyewear! You can be your most productive self and focus on the task ahead when you wear these cool, convenient and comfortable Safety Spoggles!
  3. Spoggles are compact! In the past you may have struggled with storage solutions for your large, oversized goggles, well worry no more, spoggles are smaller in size and super lightweight, so storage will be no issue whatsoever. You can easily store and transport your safety spoggles wherever you go, how convenient?
  4. Spoggles protect your eyes from potential hazards! Spoggles are rated to EN166F standards so you can have peace of mind, in knowing that your safety eyewear can protect your eyes from many different hazards, such as debris and other small particles. Spoggles can also protect your eyes from impact, so you can avoid any unwanted and painful injuries and keep working hard.
  5. Spoggles are extremely fashionable! Now, if you don’t believe us, we would highly recommend that you keep on reading this blog post, as we have included photos of our very own range of spoggles; and we will let the photos do the talking. Spoggles protect your eyes and promote insanely fashionable features, so you can easily stay safe and on trend.

Where can I buy a pair of high-quality, EN166F rated Safety Spoggles?

Look no further people! You can buy super cool Spoggles here! If you would like to purchase a pair of ToolFreak Spoggles, click here! Our Safety Spoggles are rated to EN166F standards, offer insane protection; and look absolutely awesome, what more could you want?

If you have any questions; don't be shy, get in touch with the ToolFreak Team today!

Have a great day!

The ToolFreak Team!

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