Summer is on the horizon! It’s time to consider purchasing a pair of Safety Sunglasses!

As summer is just around the corner, now is the perfect time to think about how you can keep your eyes safe throughout this bright and beautiful season. Whether you work, play sport, or simply enjoy spending time in the great outdoors, you could most certainly benefit from the use of Safety Sunglasses!

As much as we long for the summer months and the glorious weather that comes with it, it is worthwhile to consider how the beaming sun can impact the health and wellbeing of your eyes! Your eyes are extremely precious and that is why we have dedicated this blog post to stating the importance of putting in place preventative measures to protect your eyesight!

Firstly, it is important to factor in how exposure to the sun’s UV rays can have an impact on your eyesight. Prolonged exposure to such rays can lead to cataracts; as well as other diseases that can have unwanted effects on the health of your eyesight in the long term! By wearing Safety Sunglasses you can protect your eyes from these potentially harmful rays and enjoy being in the great outdoors!

Speaking of enjoying the great outdoors, when you’re out and about playing sports in the sunshine, it is important to have great awareness, focus and concentration, right?! Whether you’re playing competitively or not, you want to have insane focus so you can play to your best ability, while remaining safe! The sun, as wondrous as it may be, can distract and distort your vision! The sun can quickly overwhelm your eyesight and impact the clarity of your vision!

If you want to dim the brightness of your surroundings, we would highly suggest putting a pair of smoke tinted Safety Glasses on, so you can lower the brightness whilst heightening your clarity! If you find that the sun’s intense glare impedes your vision, you should most certainly consider investing in a pair of Polarized Safety Sunglasses, as these are built and designed to face the glare of the sun and the unwanted and uncomfortable glare that comes with it!

Often, people experience the intense glare of the sun while driving, this can arise when the sun beams down and bounces off a wet surface, such as wet tarmac and  then reflects into your eyes! If you have experienced this you will be well aware of how uncomfortable and stressful this can be! Just a few fleeting moments of distraction can be extremely dangerous! 

To combat this issue, people can wear Polarized Safety glasses! These smart and slick-looking Safety Glasses offer insane protection and boast cool and courageous fashionable features! A coating is applied to the lenses of these specific Safety Glasses which then forms a barrier pattern, blocking out this horrible and intense glare.

Polarized Safety Glasses are also great for those who enjoy playing sports outdoors! If you fancy a fishing trip, we would highly recommend packing a pair of Polarized Safety Glasses along with your rod and bait. Fishing on a beautiful day with clear blue skies sounds ideal, however the presence of water combined with the overwhelming sun, can lead to moments of distraction and distortion! When you battle this burden you can be on your A game and hopefully reap the benefits of fantastic clarity and awareness!

Safety Sunglasses can also come in handy while playing a number of different sports. Whether you’re playing Airsoft, paintball, football, golf (the list goes on), you could benefit from the use of Protective Eyewear! Shaded Safety Glasses could dim the brightness and battle distraction and distortion so you can stay focussed and aware of any risk or hazards ahead of you!

Now that we know the potential hazards present in the summertime and the tools available to combat these issues, it’s time to highlight what specific features you should scout for when shopping for Safety Glasses! Below we have detailed a list of features that we deem important when it comes to picking appropriate Safety Eyewear, especially throughout the brighter, summertime! 

  1. Pick the perfect lens colour ready to combat the conditions ahead! It is very important to consider what it is that you wish to solve, the bright and overwhelming sunlight? The intense glare of the sun? Note down what it is that hinders your vision, in order to select smoke tinted safety glasses or polarized protective glasses.
  2. Look for Safety Glasses that are rated to EN166F standards, this way you can have peace of mind in knowing that your Safety Glasses can protect your eyes against impact due to rigorous testing methods ensuring quality!
  3. Comfort is key! Ensure that your Safety Glasses are comfortable, this is because you may be wearing Safety Glasses for a long period of time and you don’t want to feel discomfort or distraction from your Safety Glasses!
  4. Identify whether or not you need wraparound lenses, these give you peripheral coverage so your eyes can be protected from a number of different angles.
  5. If you are constantly switching tasks, you should definitely look for Safety Glasses that come with detachable legs and head straps, this way you can switch between tasks at great ease and enjoy convenience in a number of different situations!

If you would like to buy a pair of Safety Glasses ready for the summertime, why not head over to our site today to shop our very own range of ToolFreak Safety Glasses! Whether you’re looking for Polarized Safety Glasses to protect your eyes from the intense glare of the sun, or shaded Safety Glasses to dim the sheer brightness, we will a stylish solution for you! Shop ToolFreak today!

Summer is on the horizon! It’s time to consider purchasing a pair of Safety Sunglasses!
Summer is on the horizon! It’s time to consider purchasing a pair of Safety Sunglasses!
Summer is on the horizon! It’s time to consider purchasing a pair of Safety Sunglasses!

If you have any questions or require assistance selecting a pair of ToolFreak Safety glasses, please contact the team today! 

Have a great day!

The ToolFreak Team!

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