The pros of purchasing Polarized Safety Glasses…

If you would like to find out more about Polarized Safety Glasses and their many benefits, we urge you to keep on reading this blog post, as we place the spotlight on this popular Protective Eyewear option and focus on the many benefits they bring to those wearing them.

Polarized Safety Glasses are an extremely powerful tool when it comes to combating the intense glare of the sun, which can be a colossal hinderance. Although overcoming this hurdle can be hard, Polarized Safety glasses can offer a helping hand, allowing you to remain productive, efficient, aware and alert.

Before we delve into detail, we want to kick start this post by summing up how these specific Polarized Safety Glasses actually work…

Throughout the creation of these insanely fashionable Safety Glasses, a chemical coating is applied to the glasses lenses; and the molecules within this coating form a barrier pattern./ This barrier then filters out light that is travelling horizontally. One example of horizontal light would be light that has bounced off of a reflective surface, such as a puddle on the road or a lake nearby for example.

When horizontal light enters your field of vision you can become distracted and distorted, which is of course extremely dangerous, as your focus can be stolen from you; and the repercussions of which can be detrimental.

The easiest way to understand what horizontal light is and its difference to vertical light, is to consider them in terms of waves. When sunlight hits a non reflective surface, it will simply diffuse into vertical light with waves of low intensity. On the other hand, light rays that have hit a reflective service will obtain high intensity and will therefore travel as a horizontal wave of light. 

The chemical coating applied to the Polarized lenses will only allow for vertical light to pass through them, which then in turn eliminates any horizontal light and glare. If you would like to find out more technical information all about the creation of these specific safety glasses, be sure to head over to our ‘What are Polarized Safety Glasses and why do I need them' blog post, where we explain these courageously cool Safety Glasses in technical and scientific terms.

So, what are the pros of purchasing Polarized Safety Glasses?

  • First and foremost, Polarized Safety Glasses are most commonly advertised for their ability to combat the intense glare of the sun! If you work outdoors or spend a great deal of time driving, we are certain you will be able to understand the sheer frustration and anxiety that comes with the presence of the intense and often overwhelming glare of the sun. Losing your focus, even just for a second can be intimidating and extremely dangerous. Polarized Safety Glasses are designed to reduce the glare so you can maintain focus and awareness.
  • Following on from the above bullet point, Polarized Safety Glasses can help you stay focussed. Your focus is key, right? Enhanced focus can help you concentrate and perform to the best of your ability. It can also enhance your awareness and therefore your safety. When you wear these modern-looking Safety Glasses you can have an eagle eye and continue to work on your A game.
  • Maintain clarity- With no distraction or distortion getting in your way you will benefit from fantastic clarity! When your clarity is enhanced, you can really understand and be well aware of your surroundings and any potential dangerous present.
  •  Greater productivity- If you work outdoors, under the direct sunlight, the glare of the sun can often cause distraction and distortion, this can waste time and efficiency which can impact the quality of your work as well as your productivity. Wearing Polarized glasses could eradicate this issue and help improve your productivity and performance.
  • Polarized Safety Glasses promote both style and safety, you don’t have to worry about unflattering eyewear when you wear these smart and sophisticated Safety Glasses that simply ooze style.
  • Functionality- You will be able to reduce the intense glare of the sun in a number of different situations! As outlined above, the glare of the sun can be a great annoyance, at work, on the road; and in sport. So, these glasses can be worn in multiple situations! So, what are you waiting for, be sure to purchase a pair of Polarized Safety Glasses today and enjoy their long list of benefits.

What do Polarized Safety Glasses look like?

In the list of benefits above, we mentioned that Polarized Safety Glasses are an extremely fashionable piece of protective equipment… Below, we have inserted a variety of photos to promote Polarized Safety Glasses and we are confident that you will agree that safety just got a little more stylish….

The pros of purchasing Polarized Safety Glasses…

The pros of purchasing Polarized Safety Glasses…

The pros of purchasing Polarized Safety Glasses…

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