ToolFreak talk to UK based Arborist, Joe Shaw, on his use of Safety Glasses in the workplace!

Today, we have teamed up with Arborist and business owner, Joe Shaw, from Coventry who explains the importance of Safety Eyewear at work. Join us as we highlight ways in which you can stay safe on the job and discuss the benefits of Protective Eyewear!

Hello and welcome back Joe! We loved learning about your career in our previous blog post and we are eager to learn all about your views on safety in the workplace! So, let’s get right into it… How do you stay safe on the job? 

“We use ropes and harnesses which are inspected regularly and follow the health and safety regulations. We also use state of the art PPE to protect ourselves”.

Safety is key! In what situations do you find that you require the use of safety equipment?

“All the time!!! Cutting, climbing, using the wood chippers etc”.

What are the top pieces of Safety Equipment that you swear by?

“My helmet and my chainsaw protective trousers”.

Have you ever been injured on the job?

I cut myself with a handsaw and did some nerve damage. It wasn’t even a bad cut! But it hit some nerves. This meant I couldn’t climb for about a month. I needed regular check-ups and rehabilitation exercises to improve strength. It made me realise that anything can happen, and concentration is paramount to safe working”. 

We are sorry to hear that you experienced this! Concentration is paramount, you are absolutely right! We constantly discuss the importance of focus awareness on the job; and concentration comes hand in hand with this! Has your accident made you more cautious?

“Fear is what keeps me alive when working at height”. 

It really does sound like you have a lot to consider while working at such heights! We recently sent you a pair of ToolFreak Spoggles to wear while working, what would you rate these?

“I think they’re fantastic. 10/10”.

Wow! Thank you! That’s incredible feedback! What specific features do you like about this particular Protective Eyewear?

I like the interchangeable bands, so you can change from glasses to goggles. They’re also very comfortable and create a nice seal around the eye, preventing fine saw dust from getting in”.

Great! We are so happy to hear that you are enjoying these favourable features! Would you recommend ToolFreak Safety Eyewear to a friend?

“Yes. We usually wear face visors which are ok, but they don’t stop the fine saw dust. The goggles do”.

Fantastic! What are your thoughts of these Safety Spoggles in terms of safety, durability and fashion?

“I think they look great for work. I’ve not had them long enough to test the durability though”.

They don’t sacrifice cool for comfort do they? We take great pride in their fashionable features! You will have to let us know what you think of their durability after a longer period of time! We would love to hear your feedback. What advice would you give to others out there in regards to staying safe on the job?

“Communication is key. Taking your time is paramount, never rush or be rushed by anyone”.

Such great advice Joe! Thank you for this incredible insight, we really appreciate you taking the time out to talk to us! We can't wait to hear from you in the future and find out how you've got in with our Spoggles over time!

ToolFreak talk to UK based Arborist, Joe Shaw, on his use of Safety Glasses in the workplace!

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Have an awesome day!

The ToolFreak Team!

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