Welding Glasses - Join us, ToolFreak, as we discuss the uses and benefits of Safety Glasses in the Welding Industry!

What Safety Equipment should Welders utilise in the workplace? Join us, ToolFreak as we highlight important pieces of clothing and equipment worn by welders worldwide! In this particular post, we place focus on the importance of Safety Eyewear within this trade and steer you in right direction of purchasing the perfect pair of Protective Glasses. 

Welders face a number of dangerous hazards on a daily basis due to the nature of their work! From heavy machinery, to high temperatures, to scraps of metal flying at great pace, there really are a number of injury inflicting hazards ever present within the working environment. In today’s post, we focus on the utilisation of Safety Eyewear within the welding industry; while highlighting the many benefits they bring to those wearing them. We also discuss a variety of other pieces of protective equipment that deem popular within this highly skilled trade. 

What hazards are present in the Welding Industry?

According to online sources and extensive research, we have found that the list below showcases some of the dangerous hazards present within the world of welding. Please do take note of these hazards; as your awareness of such could be of great benefit to you and the safe practice and measures put in place. 

  • Eye injuries: While welding, you may be confronted by sparks and small, metal pieces flying through the atmosphere at high speed, this could pose serious risk for your eyesight; as they could scrape or enter your eyes, which can cause excruciating pain and in some cases, could have detrimental effects, such as loss of eyesight.
  • UV Rays: Following on from the above point, your eyes can also be at great risk as they can be exposed to UV rays whilst welding. In the long term this can have serious consequences; as such exposure could lead to cataracts and loss of vision.
  • Electric shocks: Welders are at risk of electrical shocks due to the presence of live electrical wires used in the process of creating molten metal. Electric shocks can be extremely painful; and in some cases fatal. You are most at risk in damp conditions, or when you are wearing damp clothing, or when you are surrounded by metal objects and structures. 
  • Severe burns: Welders are susceptible to severe burns, this is because the machinery used operates at high temperatures and the molten metal is also extremely hot. These burns are serious and can happen in a short space of time and can have serious, painful and unwanted side effects. 
  • Extremely loud noises: the likelihood of being exposed to loud noises while welding is extremely high, particularly when flame cutting and air arc gouging, throughout these activities noise levels can exceed 100 dB (A)! This can cause great damage to the ears and lead to problematic hearing issues in the future. 

How can you combat these hazards? What equipment should Welders utilise in order to stay safe on the job?

We understand that the following list, highlighting important Welding Workwear and Safety Equipment is extremely useful in combating the hazards mentioned above, along with other dangerous hazards within the welding environment. This list is not comprehensive however; and we would recommend discussing safety equipment with your Safety Officer, Management; and regulator to ensure that you have the right equipment in place to keep you safe on the job. We do however hope that this piece can provide you with a good understanding and knowledge of the equipment utilised by welders on a regular basis. 

  • Safety Glasses
  • Safety Goggles
  • High-quality welding helmet
  • Industry rated Hand shield
  • Thick gloves made out of strong materials
  • Respirators
  • Fire & flame resistant clothing
  • Over the ear, ear muffs
  • Ear plugs
  • Strong and sturdy, non-slip boots 

How do Safety Glasses benefit workers in the welding workplace?

Welders are advised to wear clear Safety Glasses under their welding helmets while completing work, this is because safety glasses can offer protection against sparks, debris and other dangerous and sharp particles. 

We here at ToolFreak would highly recommend investing in a pair of EN166F, impact-rated, wraparound Safety Glasses, with clear, distortion free lenses, as we strongly believe that these can offer paramount protection and extreme comfort to those wearing them.

More specifically we would suggest purchasing a pair of Clear Lens ToolFreak Rip Out Safety Glasses. These insanely cool Safety Glasses offer insane protection, are impacted rated, have peripheral coverage; and are light in weight in comparison to bulky over goggles and therefore offer great comfort. 

Where can you buy high-quality Safety Glasses to wear while welding? 

If you would like to buy ToolFreak’s Clear Lens Rip Out Safety Glasses, please click here! 

Welding Glasses - Join us, ToolFreak, as we discuss the uses and benefits of Safety Glasses in the Welding Industry!

What do real-life Welders have to say about Safety in the workplace?

 We recently teamed up with Welding Wonder, Rachel Bohnet to find out more about this cool and creative industry! While discussing work, Rachel highlighted the importance of safety on the job, “I always ensure that I have proper eye, hearing and foot protection; and I am always aware of the surroundings to ensure all the proper PPE is used”.

We would highly recommend that you all do the same, Safety is serious, injuries are painful; and consequences can be detrimental. So please, we urge you, take your safety and wellbeing seriously.

Thank you for reading, we hope you have found this piece informative and interesting! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact The ToolFreak Team today and we will help wherever possible.

Have a good one and remember, stay safe!

The ToolFreak Team!

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