What are Spoggles?! Join us, ToolFreak, as we talk about this twist on tradition in the Safety Eyewear Industry!

Spoggles are an extremely cool and quirky Safety Eyewear option that combine the benefits of both spectacles and goggles, hence the catchy name, ‘Spoggles’! These Safety Spoggles serve many purposes and are used by a range of people in a variety of industries.

Spoggles are created by combining the most favoured features of Spectacles with the most desirable features of Goggles, while avoiding the drawbacks of neither! This means that you can wave goodbye to bulky and boring goggles and say hello to streamline Spoggles that offer Safety AND comfort!

When you buy a pair of Spoggles, you should scout for some that come with strong and sturdy legs; as well as a secure removable headband. We here at ToolFreak sell Spoggles in a range of different lens colours and ensure that our customers can be adaptable to many different situations; by providing them with the legs and the removable headband. The headband is extremely useful as it means that you can move freely and be your most active self and have no worry whatsoever that your spoggles could come loose!

As mentioned above, Spoggles come in a range of different lens colours! You can choose between a variety of lens colours, from clear, to yellow to smoke-tinted! It all completely depends upon what it is you require. 

If you work outdoors and often combat the bright and beaming sun we would highly recommend investing in Smoke-tinted Safety Glasses as they can dim the brightness and allow you to focus on the task in hand. Or if you work in a lowlight unit and you are in need of a brighter workspace; a pair of Yellow Lens Spoggles would be perfect for you and your environment. If you would like to find out more about picking the perfect lens colour; please do check out our informative blog post, detailing the benefits and uses of a selection of lens colours! 

Spoggles sound great, but how can I spot the difference between a pair of Spoggles and a pair of Safety Glasses?

There are certain features of each that will allow you to tell the difference between the two Safety Eyewear options! For example, Spoggles have an inner foam padding; which allows you to enjoy your day in comfort, which is an extremely important factor and feature of these particular Safety Glasses. Comfort really is key, especially when you’re working for a long period of time. On the other hand, Standard Safety Glasses do not often come with this fantastic foam padding! 

Ok, I understand what they are, but what do they actually look like?

As unusual and peculiar the term ‘Spoggles’ may sound; this Safety Eyewear option is cool and courageous-looking! It completely depends on where you decide to buy your Protective Eyewear from of course; but we here at ToolFreak ensure that our Spoggles are sick! We want our customers to truly feel like trend-setters when they wear their very own pair of Spoggles! 

Our ToolFreak Spoggle range is fearlessly fashionable! We utilise a slim and smart design while incorporating insane protection and incredible comfort! We understand the need for high quality protective eyewear that protects your eyes AND your reputation! So if you want to invest in a pair of Spoggles today, think ToolFreak, we’ve got you covered! 

Check out the photos below, showing our very own Spoggle range, let us know what you think of these insanely cool Spoggles in the comment section below, we can’t wait to hear your feedback!

What are Spoggles?! Join us, ToolFreak, as we talk about this twist on tradition in the Safety Eyewear Industry!

What are Spoggles?! Join us, ToolFreak, as we talk about this twist on tradition in the Safety Eyewear Industry!

What are Spoggles?! Join us, ToolFreak, as we talk about this twist on tradition in the Safety Eyewear Industry!

What are Spoggles?! Join us, ToolFreak, as we talk about this twist on tradition in the Safety Eyewear Industry!

If you would like to shop this ToolFreak range, click here! 

Wow, they really do look cool… But how will I benefit from buying a pair of Spoggles?

Firstly, the soft foam padding will be of great use to you!  You can seriously enjoy your day in comfort. Secondly, the snug fit that they offer will promote safety and help protect your from flying debris and hazardous particles in the atmosphere; and thirdly (depending on where you shop for Safety Eyewear), they should be impact rated too! So you can get on with being your most hardworking and productive self and worry less about potential hazards entering your precious eyesight! 

More benefits of Spoggles explained:

  • Spoggles are slimmer and more compact than a pair of large goggles! They are designed to be slim and snug fitting on your face; which means you can focus on the task in hand without worrying about your Safety Eyewear weighing you down (both metaphorically and literally). The fact that they are compact also means that they are easy to carry around with you wherever you go; which is extremely convenient!
  • Spoggles are extremely versatile! They can be used by a number of people and professionals; in a number of environments and industries! If you find that you face debris and other hazardous materials at work or while playing sport; you really could benefit from a pair of Spoggles! Here at ToolFreak we ensure that our customers have the option to choose between different wearing styles, so we ensure our Spoggles come with legs AND a head strap; which means you can be adaptable to a number of different scenarios.
  • They look insanely smart! Seriously, bulky Goggles can be extremely unflattering and uncomfortable. Spoggles on the other hand are lighter in weight, cooler in looks; and way more trend-setting! 

When should I wear Spoggles?

It doesn’t matter whether you are at work or playing sport; we are certain that you will benefit from wearing a pair of Spoggles! Over the years, we have found that Spoggles are extremely popular within a number of different industries; in particular, those working in the Carpentry and Mechanical Industries!

What features should I look for when purchasing a pair of Spoggles?

  • Make sure that they meet the requirements and certifications for your workplace and your country (for example: EN166F)
  • Look for a pair that comes with legs AND a headband!
  • Ensure they come with foam padding that will allow for both ventilation and comfort.
  • Be sure to select a pair that are impact resistant.
  • Select a snug-fitting range to ensure protection.
  • Find the right lens colour for you!

We hope that you have really enjoyed reading this post all about Spoggles! If you would like to leave any feedback; then please feel free to do so, we love hearing from our readers!

Stay tuned for more blog posts coming to our website VERY soon!

Thanks for reading!

The ToolFreak Team!

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