When Fashion Meets Safety- The Safety Eyewear Edition!

Don't sacrifice cool for comfort, you really can have it all! Today, Safety Glasses offer incredible protection AND insanely cool features! Keep on reading to find out how fashion meets safety! 

Safety Glasses are often misunderstood accessories and many people simply assume that they are boring and bulky and are in no way, shape or form, fashionable! Well, we here at ToolFreak can assure you that safety glasses can offer paramount protection while boasting insanely cool and fashionable features. 

 Safety Glasses are extremely powerful and in some cases, essential accessories, as they can protect your eyesight! Each year, over 800,000 eye injuries occur and 90% of which could have been prevented with the use of proper eye protection. Now, you don’t have to be a math whizz to understand that, that is A LOT of eye injuries potentially prevented just by the use of protective eyewear (720,000 approximately)!

In today’s climate, the use of Safety glasses is advised and in some cases, essential! Industries including: The Medical, The Beauty and The Retail industry for example, now require the use of safety equipment in order to work and interact with the general public. 

Now, it goes without saying that the most important and utilized feature of safety glasses, if of course… safety! It’s in the name, right?! Well, we believe that you have the right to protect your eyes and look cool in the process. You don’t have to sacrifice cool for comfort, you can have both! 

How can Safety Glasses be trendy pieces of Safety Equipment?

As with anything you buy, you can opt for boring or you can opt for brilliance (hint:ToolFreak products fall under the latter category). We strive towards designing and creating insane Safety glasses that protect your eyesight and your image simultaneously! Just take a look at the photos below, you can still look cool and have edge while wearing high-quality safety equipment!

Fashionable Features to look for when buying Safety Glasses:


 You can buy colourful safety glasses that scream cool and courageous! Here at ToolFreak, we make sure our customers don't settle for boring, mundane eyewear that looks lifeless, rather, we spray the legs of our safety glasses a bright orange colour! When you shop for Safety Glasses be sure to pick a colour that is unique to you! If you want to feel like an absolute trend-setter, be sure to choose ToolFreak Safety Glasses today! 


As mentioned above, you can choose smart safety glasses with bright and courageous colours sprayed onto them! You can also choose between a number of different lens colours, although it does depend on what environment you work in and why you require Safety Glasses. You can buy smoke-tinted, yellow, polarized, red mirror, or one of the many other colours available to you! We would highly recommend our Reevo Red Mirror Safety Glasses, they provide protection AND make you look like a complete bas a**! What more could you ask for?


Large, oversized Safety Glasses can weigh you down (literally) Big and bulky glasses can just be a hindrance as opposed to a helping hand. How infuriating would it be carrying this weight around all day long?! We’ll answer that one for you, EXTREMELY infuriating! Smart, slimline goggles are so light that you would even forget that they're on your head or stored away in your carry bag! Save your energy for more important tasks!

Trend Setting:

Boring, bulky, outdated safety glasses do absolutely nothing for your image and they can often be unflattering! If you want to stand out from the crowd, select a pair of slick and smart-looking Safety Glasses and become a trendsetter within your industry!

Here at ToolFreak, we know just how important it is for safety glasses to be both fashionable and durable! We take great pride in providing safety glasses that you will love! Although we are proud of all of our safety glasses, we love our Polarized and Reevo Red Mirror Safety Glasses, they are insanely trendy, just take a look at the photos below, we’re sure you’ll agree! 

If you like the look of any of the safety glasses shown above, you can check them out on our website! We have a number of safety glasses on offer, in a range of shapes, sizes and designs! There really is something for everyone! Go check them out!

Now, fashion is of course a hugely influential factor when it comes to buying safety glasses, but safety itself is paramount, as it is vital that your safety glasses protect your precious eyesight! Below we have created a safety glasses checklist for you all to take a look at. Be sure to take note and refer to this list when purchasing your perfect pair of protective glasses. 

  • Look for Safety Glasses that offer impact protection.
  • Ensure that they have UV protection.
  • Make sure that they meet specific certifications and requirements, such as: EN166FT.
  • Be sure to find a comfortable pair of  safety glasses, potentially those with. padded features! Meaning you can enjoy your day in comfort!
  • Check with your employer or association that you are investing in the right pair of Safety Glasses for your sector/industry/group!

When Fashion Meets Safety- The Safety Eyewear Edition!

 It is vitally important that you make sure that your Safety Glasses tick all of the above boxes! So please do ensure that you take this list into consideration and take the health and wellbeing of your eyes seriously! 

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