Why you should say YES to Yellow Lens Safety Glasses…

Say YES to Yellow Lens Safety Glasses and enjoy their many benefits!

 Indeed yellow is a bright and daring colour, that most certainly makes a statement, but in the world of safety eyewear, these protective lenses are not just there to make a bold statement alone, rather they benefit your vision immensely! Keep on reading to find out more! 

Yellow lenses provide insane clarity and have the ability to enhance your vision and potentially improve your performance in both dull and low light conditions. Dull, hazy and lowlight forecasts can often have a negative impact on the clarity and overall quality of your vision! Thankfully, Yellow Lenses can combat these issues and promote impeccable vision!

How do Yellow Lens Safety Glasses actually work?

It completely depends on where you decide to shop for safety glasses; in regards to how they are created! Here at ToolFreak, we utilise the latest lens technology when we design and create our very own range of Yellow Lens Safety Glasses. This specific lens colour is designed to filter out blue light from your field of vision, Blue light creates a hazy aura, which is then intensified by vapor in the air and  this particular light has short wavelengths which tend to scatter easier than other lens colours, this scattering makes it hard to see objects clearly.

Yellow Lens Safety Glasses can actually increase depth perception AND contrast! This is extremely beneficial, especially in dull and overcast conditions! When you wear Yellow Lens Safety Glasses you can wave goodbye to hazy vision and say hello to insane clarity!

When and where should I wear Yellow Lens Safety Glasses? 

These lenses can provide a handful of benefits to many people in a range of different environments. Working outdoors can often be brilliant! Who wouldn't want to bask in the summertime rays while on the job?! Well, clear summer days aren't always promised and your work can often be hindered by grey and overcast conditions! These unwanted conditions can often prove taxing on your ability to see with great clarity! In turn, this can impact your productivity as well as the quality of your work!

 Yellow Lenses are ideal for Landscape Gardeners, Fencers, Tree Surgeons, as well as many more professionals in a number of different industries. This is due to the nature of their outdoor work and the ever changing seasons and forecasts! If we think about a Landscape Gardener, their entire workload takes place outdoors; and they most certainly need an eagle eye and fantastic attention to detail in order to work to their fullest potential. Often when the dull and unwanted conditions combat your vision, mistakes can arise, meaning both the quality and efficiency of work produced, may not be up to your usual standards!

Yellow Lenses have the power and capability to reduce the dull, low light and can boost the clarity and quality of your visions, which could assist you to produce great work in an efficient manner! You no longer have to worry about distractions and distortions as a result of the poor weather when you wear Yellow Lens Safety Glasses! You really can spend your time wisely, focus on the task in hand and forget about horrid conditions and their inevitable consequences.

 Yellow Lenses are extremely beneficial in both indoor AND outdoor settings! If you work in a dark and gloomy factory or perhaps you work in the mechanical industry, you may often work in dark and dull conditions with  little to no light entering it...Well, Yellow Lens Safety Glasses could provide brilliant benefits to you and your eyesight and you could notice every little detail and potentially every little fault, as the yellow lenses could heighten AND brighten your clarity! If you want to enhance your working conditions and see with greater brightness, we would highly recommend investing in a pair of Yellow Lens Safety Glasses, so you can see these benefits for yourself!

These Specific Safety Glasses are also great for outdoor activities; and they’re not just subject to helping those at work! The weather can often be unpredictable, one moment you're enjoying the warmth of the summertime weather and the next you're stuck in a downspout! We would most certainly advise anyone who spends a great deal of time outdoors to be prepared and always pack a pair of yellow lens safety glasses! When you invest in Yellow Lens Safety Glasses, you can brighten and enhance your views, even on the dark and gloomiest days!

What do Yellow Lens Safety Glasses really look like?

 Again, it really does depend on where you buy your Safety Glasses from in regards to what they actually look like! Below we have uploaded a few images, showcasing our range of ToolFreak Yellow Lens Safety Glasses! As you can see, we offer a range of different shapes and sizes of Safety Glasses, all of which have their own individual benefits! These are just a few examples of our very own range of high-quality Safety Glasses!

Why you should say YES to Yellow Lens Safety Glasses... ToolFreak Blog Post

When Fashion Meets Safety- The Safety Eyewear Edition! ToolFreak Safety Glasses blog post

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We hope that you have enjoyed reading this blog post and feel extremely informed in regards to Yellow Lens Safety Glasses. If you wish to find out more about different types of Safety Glasses, please do check out our blog, we regularly update it with engaging and informative pieces on an array of topics! We discuss Polarized Safety Glasses, Wraparound Safety Glasses, Smoke Tinted Safety Glasses as well as many more cool and interesting topics! Here at ToolFreak we have dedicated our lives to researching, designing and selling incredible Safety Eyewear, so you really can trust us, the experts!

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