Wraparound Safety Glasses- What are they and why do I need them?

Wraparound Safety Glasses are slick, smart and secure! Created with a semi-circular frame shape to promote paramount protection and peripheral coverage, these stylish and sturdy safety glasses offer insane comfort and are ideal for a variety of situations and scenarios.

Today, Wraparound Safety Glasses are becoming increasingly popular, with a number of people from a range of industries opting for this specific style of Safety Eyewear! They provide a number of benefits to those wearing them; one of which being their ability to protect and offer defence against a number of hazardous materials. 

A variety of jobs and activities expose your eyes to harmful particles; such as debris! Striking or scraping of the eye with such materials can have a dangerous and irreversible impact on the health and wellbeing of your eyes. These Protective Glasses battle this burden as they hug your face and act as a barrier. Paired with the ideal shape and insane clarity of these lenses; they really do offer a wealth of benefits to those wearing them.

As with many other products available on the market, you are completely spoilt for choice when it comes to purchasing your perfect pair of wraparound Safety Glasses. You can choose between a vast range of sizes, shapes, style and designs.

So, what are the different options available? What can I expect a pair of Wraparound Safety Glasses to look like?

Here at ToolFreak; we offer one piece design lenses; as well as two piece design lenses; the variation of lens types also come in a number of different shapes and styles. When you buy wraparound Safety Glasses, you really do have a list of durable AND fashionable Safety Glasses to choose from.

Below, we have compiled a selection of images to show the main difference between the two different variants we have on offer here at ToolFreak! 

1 Lens Type...

Wraparound Safety Glasses- What are they and why do I need them?

2 Lens Type...

Wraparound Safety Glasses- What are they and why do I need them? ToolFreak Safety Glasses blog post

As you will be able to see from the photos above; these two lens designs certainly differ in style and aesthetic. They do however share similarities in the fact that they are both slick, smart, Safety Eyewear options that will protect your eyes from an array of hazards, including flying debris!

As displayed in the images above, there are multiple options available when it comes buying wraparound Safety Glasses. You can also purchase Safety Eyewear built with side shields; these work in the same way as the more modern Safety Glasses displayed above; they do however lack in their ability to be snug fitting to your face. 

If you like the look of the ToolFreak Safety Glasses shown above, you can shop this range by clicking here! All of our Safety Glasses are high quality and endure rigorous testing; so you can place your trust in us, The ToolFreak Team! We take great pride in providing the public with incredible Safety Glasses that offer insane protection! 

Would I benefit from a pair of Wraparound Safety Glasses?

Wraparound Safety Glasses appeal to a number of different people in both work and sport! They have copious benefits including their snug fitting shape; their peripheral coverage and their ability to be impact resistant. So, whether you’re up a ladder or a mountain, we are more than certain that you will see just how incredible these Safety Glasses really are! 

Below, you will be able to find a list that we have created, detailing who we believe would benefit the most from using these insanely cool-looking Safety Glasses...

Jobs that involve the presence of debris and other small and sharp particles in the atmosphere would benefit from the use of Wraparound Safety Glasses. This is due to them having the power and ability to protect your eyes from harmful objects at multiple angles. For example, if you’re focussing heavily on a task in hand; your concentration on the job will be greater than your ability to see potential hazards to the side of you. Wraparound Safety Glasses will deem extremely useful in situations like this; due to their peripheral coverage; meaning you can focus on the task in hand and avoid unexpected incidents in the workplace. 

This list highlights a selection of jobs and is by no means fully comprehensive of all the industries that would indeed utilise and benefit from Wraparound Safety Glasses. If your job is not present within the list; these safety glasses may still be of great use to you and your industry. Please check with your management and official board prior to purchasing to confirm your selection meets the requirements of your trade and workplace.

  • Plant Machine Operators & Ground Workers within this industry.
  • Agriculture Engineer Roles & Agriculture Inspectors.
  • Landscaping Roles.
  • Carpentry roles, Joiners and Carpenters alike would benefit from the use of these safety glasses.
  • Roles within the Mechanical Industry; including those working with machinery and other roles similar to this. 
  • Quarry workers; as well as other Aggregate roles.
  • Those working within the Construction Industry, an example of someone who could benefit greatly would be a Core Driller.
  • Tree Surgeon.
  • Welding & Fabricating Industry.
  • Jewellery Making Industry.
  • Medical Industry.
  • As well as many more roles within a variety of industries; whereby debris, small particles and any other objects could be flying in the atmosphere. 

This list is by no means exhaustive; and a number of varying roles would still require and benefit from the use of Wraparound Safety Glasses! We would love to hear what job roles our readers have and whether they require the use of Protective Glasses whilst at work, please do let us know in the comment section below. 

If you have enjoyed reading this blog post and would like to find out more information regarding the world of Safety Eyewear, please do check out our uploads. We regularly update our blog with cool and interesting posts! We discuss the importance of Safety Eyewear and explain Safety Eyewear ratings; as well as discussing and highlighting an array of engaging topics.

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The ToolFreak Team! 

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