About Us

Who Are We?

ToolFreak introduces itself as the manufacturer and supplier of high-quality reliable eye and hand protection for Work , Sports and Activity Our objective is to equip you with the tools you need to build yourself as a leading industry professional. We aim to cater for a diverse array of people. Promising quality, affordability, and value, we are building our identity as a trusted and reliable brand in our domain

Best in Class Quality

ToolFreak is the flagship brand introduced by a team of knowledgeable people with years of experience . Working with numerous well-known brands and consumers from various sectors, we realised the gap for high-quality and innovative equipment that promise performance, durability, and style. We discovered a void between the changing customer demands and the products currently offered on the market. We think that if you’re providing outstanding performance, you deserve the great equipment to match.

ToolFreak is Changing the Trend