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ToolFreak Reevo Safety Glasses Yellow Lens HD for Work & Sport,

UV & Impact Eye Protection, Safety Rated to EN166FT

Enhance Vision in Dull Light,

Hard Case, Water Repellent Pouch, Neck Cord

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IMPROVE PERFORMANCE IN DULL & LOW LIGHT CONDITIONS WITH REEVO HD YELLOW LENS : Would you like to enhance your vision in hazy and dull light conditions? Our special edition reevos will sharpen your vision by filtering out blue light from your field of vision. As blue light creates a hazy aura that is intestified by vapor in the air, our yellow lens will remove this dilemna and allow you to see brighter and more cleaner.

toolfreak reevo safety glassses yellow lens

GET AHEAD OF THE GAME WITH THESE MULTIPURPOSE SPORTS GLASSES : Be prepared for your most active pursuits in riding, fishing, shooting, sports, work and any other activity that springs to mind with eyewear that really is multipurpose!! ToolFreak Reevo special edition eyewear incorporates a frame that's durable ,lightweight & stable anti-slip fit so you can wear them all day and forget there on your face!!

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IMPROVE YOUR APPERANCE, COMFORT, VISION, PERFORMANCE AND PROTECTION WITH LENSES THAT OFFER THE LATEST OPTICAL TECHNOLOGY : Tuned with anti-glare properties to improve contrast and clarity in specific enviroments , nothing worse than poor eyewear distorting your vision and slowing you down right? ToolFreak Reevo lenses provide distortion free vision , better lateral coverage and a unrestricted panoramic frameless view , backed up with real impact and uv protection thats rated to a rigid EN166FT

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GUARANTEED SATISFACTION OR YOUR MONEY BACK: When it comes to our protective eyewear, we make a point of using nothing but premium quality materials , as well as state of the art production processes and strict quality control! Our motivation is to provide you with products that you will love . If however you don't feel satisfied with something please get in touch we are happy to help make your experience a positive one!

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