ToolFreak Spoggles Protective Eyewear Yellow Lens

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ENHANCE YOUR PERFORMANCE IN DULL AND LOW LIGHT CONDITIONS WITH TOOLFREAK SPOGGLES HD YELLOW LENS: Improve your performance when working or taking part in sport , enhance your visibility in hazy, dull and low light conditions with the ToolFreak Spoggles safety glasses put them on and sharpen your vision with the latest lens technology that will filter out blue light from your field of vision, as blue light creates a hazy aura that is intesified by vapor in the air. The ToolFreak yellow lens with

PROVIDING ADDED BENEFITS FOR INSIDE ENVIROMENTS TO CARRY OUT YOUR TASKS IN COMFORT : Our spoggles safety glasses yellow lens can also better absorb blue light from computer screens, tablets, smartphones and the fluorescent glow given off by store, warehouse and office lighting. See the world more cleaner and help reduce eye fatigue and strain . Choose ToolFreak eye protection and enjoy your day in comfort

WEAR YOUR TOOLFREAK SPOGGLES AND ENJOY THERE MANY USES : ToolFreak Spoggles are more much more than a simple piece of eye protection,equipped with interchangeable headstrap and legs allowing you to wear them as glasses or goggles making you adaptable to each situation you come across, no worries about having the right eyewear by your side put them on and enahance your performance in work or sport

IMPROVE YOUR VISION AND CLARITY : Designed with your best interests at heart , these safety glasses have an impact resistant frame and lens rated to ANSI Z87 and EN166FT . The anti glare distortion free lenses will improve your vision from the very first second and promote superior viewing clarity . Get them today and see for yourself

GUARANTEED SATISFACTION OR YOUR MONEY BACK: When it comes to our protective eyewear, we make a point of using nothing but premium quality materials , as well as state of the art production processes and strict quality control! Our motivation is to provide you with products that you will love . If however you don't feel satisfied with something please get in touch we are happy to help make your experience a positive one!

ToolFreak Spoggles Safety Glasses for Work & Sport HD Yellow Lens, Anti Glare, UV & Impact Protection, Filter Out Blue Light, Foam Padded, EN166F Rated, Hard Case, Head Strap & Lens Cloth