ToolFreak TF6 3 Finger Gloves

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GUARANTEED COMFORTABLE DESIGN WITH BETTER PROTECTION OR YOUR MONEY BACK : As your hands are the greatest tools of all ,these work gloves have been designed to keep them in awesome condition , why risk injury against painful scrapes when carry out your tasks , when you can wear a pair of light , flexible and breathable gloves that will provide a cosy fit so you can wear them all day

UNIQUE SPORTS STYLE DESIGN CERTIFIED TO CURRENT STANDARDS EN388 : ToolFreak is changing the trend! The new standard ,staying safe and looking great , when it comes to ToolFreak work gloves we make a point of using premium quality materials , as well as state of the art production processes and strict quality control , wear your gloves with peace of mind , certified protection helps prevent injury against cuts and scrapes

MAKE A STRONGER MORE COMFORTABLE GRIP WITH BETTER ANTI SLIP CAPABILITY : Nothing worse than carrying something without a true grip right ? when you can feel what you are carrying slip away ? well these gloves are backed up with reinforced palms and fingers that will enhance your grip and prevent things from slipping away and offer better resistance to abrasion , better still the 3 finger design always ultimate control with small parts

SUPPORTED WITH VELCRO CLOSURE WRISTS THAT MAKES FOR EASY FIT AND REMOVAL : There's nothing worse than having to take awkward gloves on and off when your are carrying out your tasks or need to do something without your gloves , these work gloves have been designed to make a easy fit and removal ,the velcro closure allows for fast opening to take off or adjustable when on for a close cosy fit

STRONG DOUBLE STITCHED WORK GLOVES WILL IMPROVE YOUR DAY ALLOWING YOU TO CARRY OUT TASKS IN COMFORT : With maximum stretch and flex the work gloves will shape themselves to the contours of your hands making movement unrestricted , if you work our carry out tasks with your hands gloves should be a necessity and of utmost importance for protection these gloves are ideal partner for professional industry , sports and outdoor activity with the sleek design and style , +++ EXCLUSIVE BONUS PRODUCT +++